• A complete range of essential waxing aftercare products, perfectly aligned with your salon’s existing waxing aftercare advice.
  • Add £££ to your salon’s revenues – and profits – every month with the sale of these highly-desirable essential homecare solutions.
  • Developed by waxing experts for waxing experts, to fill a gap in the market. (All products suitable for intimate waxing aftercare as well)

As an intimate waxing specialist, I educate my clients on the importance of good aftercare. After spending a considerable amount of time searching for the perfect products to recommend to my clients, I came across the (nkd) waxing aftercare range and was really impressed.

(nkd) has succeeded in creating an entire range of products with desirable ingredients, all of which are targeted at helping the client get the best hair removal results. I’m proud to be an official stockist of (nkd) waxing aftercare. My clients give great feedback on the luxury yet affordable range and everyone repurchases.

When clients use quality products at home inbetween their waxes and follow recommended aftercare advice including to exfoliate and moisturise regularly, it means that their services with me run quicker due to the hair being easier to remove. In turn, this means that I use less wax during my treatment, and the client receives a faster and more comfortable appointment, so it’s a win win all round.

– Fabiann Weare, Intimate Waxing Specialist
Owner Fabby Wax, Chemsford, Essex

Developed by Waxing Experts for Waxing Experts

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on avankd has been running super-successful and multi-award winning specialist waxing salons in the East Midlands for the last 15 years.

Having become increasingly frustrated by the lack of available options when it came to waxing aftercare solutions (especially intimate waxing aftercare solutions) we decided to develop our own range of products. The sale of these products to our clients have added thousands of pounds worth of income to our own salons each month and now they can do the same for your salon or beauty business.

At nkd we really don’t mind who our waxing clients are, what they look like or how they identify. We don’t understand why so many products have to be targeted at a particular gender or lifestyle choice either. Knowing that intimate and bodily hair removal can be such a deeply sensitive, personal and emotive topic, we just want to provide great products which help anyone who chooses to remove any of their body hair feel better about themselves.ilability, style, or even provide a review.

    • Body skincare for anyone who chooses to remove theirbody or intimate hair
    • Gender-neutral, judgement-free post-waxing
      aftercare solutions
    • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients
    • Luxurious textures and fragrances
    • Helps prevent soreness and ingrown hairs after hair removal
    • Designed to smoothe and soothe skin all over
  • 1
    Ingredient-Led for Soft, Smooth Skin:
    Containing powerful ingredients for the best
    hair-removal aftercare results
    Vegan & Natural Ingredients: All products
    are vegan-friendly with a high level of natural ingredients
    Naturally antibacterial, antiseptic &
    A tea tree oil & benzoin base
    give natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic and
    antimicrobial properties, helping to keep pores
    and open hair follicles clean and free of infection
    Hair Removal Aftercare for Intimate Use:
    All nkd products have been designed for
    use on intimate areas
  • 5
    Hair Removal Aftercare for Everyone: I It doesn’t matter who your clients are or how they identify. nkd products are for everyone
    Hair Removal Aftercare that Cares: We believe in the principle of business for good. Every time someone does business with us, we give to someone else on the basis of “buy one give one”
    Cooling & Soothing: The combination of cucumber extract, Spearmint oil and menthol will feel wonderfully cooling
    Luxurious & Decadent to Use:: Luxurious hair-removal aftercare that your clients will love
  • Exfoliate

    Regular exfoliation pre- and posthair removal is essential to prevent and treat your clients’ ingrown hairs. We recommend that you advise your waxing clients to gently exfoliate every 2 – 3 days, no soother than 12 hours prior to their wax with you, and no sooner than 48 hours after, so as not to aggravate the skin.

  • Cleanse

    It’s vital that your clients keep their pores and open hair follicles clean and free of bacteria after their wax so as to prevent conditions such as folliculitis (which is inflammation or infection of the hair follicles) or other lumps and bumps which can occur after waxing. You should also advise your clients to avoid any activity that causes them to sweat for at least 24 hours after their wax.

  • Moisturise

    Ingrown hairs are also often caused by dry or flaky skin which prevents new hair from freely growing through. Help keep all areas of your clients’ bodies soft, supple and nourished after waxing by recommending that they regularly moisturise all over. Remember to advise your client not to apply moisturiser to any areas they intend to get waxed, on the day of or immediately prior to hair removal.

Exfoliating Body Scrub Cleansing Body Wash Soothing Body Balm
Suitable For Use in intimate areas and
all over
Use in intimate areas and
all over
Use in intimate areas and
all over
Fragrance Mint & Cucumber Mint & Cucumber Mint & Cucumber
Salicylic Acid, Walnut Shell,
Hyaluronic Acid, NaturalVitamin E,
Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract,
Menthol, Spearmint, Tea Tree Oil
Calendula Flower Extract,
Cucumber Extract, Menthol,
Spearmint, Tea Tree Oil
Hyaluronic Acid, Natural
Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Cucumber
Extract, Spearmint, Tea Tree Oil,
Algae Extract, Sweet Almond Oil
Usage Every 2-3 days Daily Daily
When to Use Before and after waxing, shaving
or epilating
After waxing, shaving or
After waxing, shaving or epilating

Essential Waxing Aftercare

Exfoliate with the (nkd) All-OverBody Scrub

Prevents & treats ingrown hairs, gentle enough forall over. With salicylic acid & hyaluronic acid

An essential pre- and post- hair removal skin exfoliator, thisgentle yet effective scrub can be used all over the body -
including on intimate areas - to smooth the skin.
Regular use willhelp prevent & treat ingrown hairs, and other bumps and rednessassociated with waxing, shaving and epilating. Containing the powerful combination of Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, this scrub is formulated to remove dead skin cells, unblock pores andrelease hair follicles while keeping the skin supremely hydrated and soft. A Tea Tree Oil and Benzoin base give natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic & antimicrobial properties while the Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, Menthol and Spearmint Extract will feelwonderfully cooling and soothing after all forms of hair removal.

  • Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E

    Promotes Healthy, Supple


    Salicylic Acid

    Exfoliates, Unblocks and Cleans
    Deep into Pores

  • Cucumber Extract & Aloe Vera

    Hydrating and Soothing


    Tea Tree Oil, Benzoin Oil

    Natural Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic,Antimicrobial Properties

  • Menthol & Spearmint

    Cooling, Refreshing, Invigorating


    Walnut Shell

    Reveals Soft, Smooth Skin

Essential Waxing Aftercare

Cleanse with the (nkd) All-Over Body Cleanser

Soap-free and pH-balanced for gentle all-over care.With cucumber extract, calendula flower extract & menthol

An incredibly nourishing body cleanser containing Cucumber Extract, Spearmint and Menthol to cool
and soothe the skin.
Soap-free and pH-balanced for intimate areas mean that this wash will never irritate,
even on the most delicate and sensitive of areas. A Tea Tree Oil and Benzoin base give natural anti-bacterial,
antiseptic and anti-microbial properties, making it particularly well suited for use after waxing, shaving and
epilating to help keep your pores clean and unblocked, while the Calendula Flower Extract provides further
anti-inflammatory, and healing properties.

Essential Waxing Aftercare

Moisturise with the (nkd) All-Over Body Balm

Hydrates, cools & soothes for silky soft skin – all over. With vitamin E & hyaluronic acid.

This rich and nourishing body balm is suitable for even
the most delicate of areas to keep your client’s body
smooth, soft and supple all over - including intimate areas.

Developed specifically as a soothing & calming gel cream for use post-waxing, shaving and epilating, this balm’s Tea Tree Oil and Benzoin base has natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Meanwhile, the Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract and Spearmint Extract will feel wonderfully cooling and
refreshing at any time, while the Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid make this rich and nourishing balm a luxurious all-over body experience for whenever your client wants to treat their skin.

Also available in a salon-size 500ml bottle, our All-Over Body Balm provides perfect luxurious finish to all of your waxing treatments, to immediately cool and soothe your clients’ skin after waxing – all over. This provides the perfect pathway to retail– and will make your room smell amazing too!

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  • It really helped with ingrowns! It has made my waxed areasooo smooth love it.

    – Grace Gallego

    Works perfectly at exfoliating my bikini area and avoidingnasty ingrown hairs.

    – Jo McLeish

    It really soothed my skin after waxing, it felt really cool onthe skin and didn’t react with intimate skin like others i have purchased.

    – Jaspreet Kaur

    Love love loveeeee this! I’ve never really been one to religiouslyfollow after care but seeing the results of using the balm hasmade me use it consistently. Smells lovely too!

    – Randeep Kaur Sandhu

    I feel these are more essential to my routine with aftercare andthey are great products without a huge cost.

    – Amber Millar

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